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Alan Turing Code Breaker T-Shirt


  • Black T-Shirt with Blue Bash, Purple Packet, White #FFFFFF and our Red “Red Team”.
  • 100% Soft Cotton Texture.
  • Sleeve Fit.
  • High Quality.


Alan Turing Code Breaker T-Shirt.

This T-shirt is our tribute to Alan Mathison Turing, he was a mathematician, logician, computer scientist, cryptographer and also our hero.

He is considered one of the fathers of computer science and the precursor of modern computing. It provided an influential formalization of the concepts of algorithm and computation: the Turing machine. He formulated his own version that is accepted today as the Church-Turing thesis.

During the Second World War, he worked on deciphering the Nazi codes, particularly on the Enigma machine, and for a time he was the director of the Naval Enigma section of Bletchley Park. It has been estimated that his work was the duration of that war between two and four years. After the war, the design of the first digital programmable computers in the National Physics Laboratory of the United Kingdom and shortly afterwards built another of the first machines at the University of Manchester.

In the field of artificial intelligence, he is known above all for the conception of the Turing test (1950), a criterion according to which he can judge the intelligence of a machine if his answers in the test are indistinguishable from the human being.

Turing’s career suddenly ended up being prosecuted for homosexuality in 1952. Two years after his conviction, the official version died of suicide; however, his death has led to other hypotheses, including murder. On December 24, 2013, Queen Isabel II issued the edict for which the mathematician was officially exonerated, and all charges against him were annulled. Alan Turing T-Shirt.

This is a Unique Clothing Item as a result of complex handcrafted processes, you will not find two identical items. These variations are NOT defects, but desired effects by design.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 48 × 120 in

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